Our cells are a tight swarm of micro-organisms all working for the colony... us.

As we eat we are essentially recycling organic mater to repair our damaged cells and give birth to new ones.

When the swarm matures it will spend a great deal of time and energy for the sole purpose of creating a new colony. And then the cycle continues.

Cello embraces this idea.

Cello is a sculpture that is made of hundreds of cells that can combine together according to their genetic code.

During its lifespan, Cello will add cells to the colony to grow or replace cells where there is damage. After a genetically dictated period of time Cello will die so that other Cellos will live by reusing the cells.

Cello’s cells are identical in shape but not in behavior. As the body is being formed cells become specialized to serve the colony. A Cello begins life as one cell, but for Cello life never ends.