Yves is the creative mind and author behind Living Sculpture, he is also the owner of Lorax Works L.L.C.

Yves was born in Nice on August 6 1962. He lived in Paris until the age of six with his mother Rotraut Moquay Klein who was recently widowed from her husband Yves Klein. Then he moved to Ibiza, Spain in the Baleares Islands with his mother and stepfather Daniel Moquay.

In Ibiza, he was strongly influenced by the environment of the islands where he spent the majority of his time surrounded by nature, and specially by the fascinating and lively depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

At twelve, he returned to France to finish high school. He remained there until the age of twenty-one. While back in Paris, he studied Architecture and Design for a couple of years, and during the completion of his mandatory army service  he took night classes in “Cybernetics Theory of Systems” at the “Arts et Métiers” College. Before that he worked as an assistant to Professor Lussato who was at the time advisor to B.H.V. and Philips Corp.

At twenty-one, Yves moved to the United States of America to submerge himself in an English speaking environment and took English classes in Colorado. Later on he settled in Arizona where he got to spend some more time with his brothers and the last addition to the family, his sister Loraine.

In Arizona, Yves studied Computer Science for two years at the Arizona State University where he met his ex-wife Kathy Papciak Klein. Together they have a daughter, Joseffa.

Probably due to his strong attraction to the world of art received from his extended family of artists, his parents but also grand parents Fred Klein and Marie Raymond as well as his uncle Günther Uecker and Godfather Armand, and finally his Godmother the wife of the artist Roger Talon, not naming the countless artists he met while growing up, he later switched his major so to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Sculpture.

Yves’ time is now dedicated to the making of robotic artwork as well as digital artwork, art performances, and more recently astrophotography.


Photo by Chris Loomis