Space Ribbon

Space Ribbon is a sculpture that will travel in orbit around our planet to remind us of our dreams and to help us put our futile disputes aside and reach for the heavens.

Our transformation begins in our mind.

I hope to be able to create a colony of space ribbons so that we can admire their dance at sunset and sunrise.

For a few minutes each day they will remind us that we should all play and smile. They will then disappear to remind us of our beautiful night sky.

They will remind us not to pollute our atmosphere with light and chemicals, as we can already see our night vanish in the glow of our cities.

Space Ribbon is composed of a body and two long ribbons made of electro-active polymers that can bend like the tentacles of the nautilus. Each side of the ribbon is covered with gold-plated electrodes that reflect the sun’s light while at the same time it's moving its tentacles.