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This roundabout is the first leading directly to La Colle Sur Loup, and as such it needs to have an impressive presence to awaken the curiosity of the passing traffic about the dynamism and charm of the village.

To accomplish this goal I felt that it was important to show that besides of being an ancient and charming village, it hosts an history of great artists and continue to be involved in mainstream art.

Artists like Marie Raymond and Yves Klein ( the monochrome) rest at La Colle cemetery, Jacques Ferrandez, Yves Bayard and Raoul Giordan are some examples of great artists that have left a strong artistic imprint.

La Colle sur Loup’s “Yves Klein College” has been taking leading steps toward a well rounded education in Art and Technology. A village rich in culture and commerce gives it its livelihood.

To inspire those attributes I felt that a technologically advanced sculpture, moreover next to Sophia Antipolis, was the way to go.

However because of the environment of a roundabout a truly interactive piece was not realistic, nevertheless it is possible to have an art work that interacts with its environment on a daily basis, and in a sense helps the traffic awareness of the presence of the roundabout, in a different way depending of the day or night cycle.

During the day, the sculpture will be a fluctuating cone that undulates with the variations of the temperature and wind as well as the density of the traffic.

When night comes it will open up like a night flower and an intense Yves Klein Blue light will emerge from its heart in honor of the artist.

As in the day time the sculpture will ripple like if swimming in the dark sky. The Blue beam of light will be visible from faraway, its soft immaterial and dark hue will not disturbs the locals, but yet add an element of security for the incoming traffic.

The design of the sculpture is simple and easy to maintain. The energy supply could be either solar or supplied by the city depending of the budget and long term approach.

I believe this sculpture will strengthen the spirit of La Colle Sur Loup and its region by adding an unforgettable marker.
Yves Amu Klein