Bella is a Living Jewelry that is made of Sterling silver, gold plated copper and polycarbonate. The main objective in making Bella was to integrate in a relatively small space, enough complexity for interactive behaviors to emerge. Bella has several sensors: light sensor, RGB sensors, infra-red sensors, stereo sound sensor and stereo field disturbance sensor.

The way it expresses itself is via colored light, sound, and two internal translucent motors that by moving back and forth or vibrating can create subtle changes in the way light is emitted and reflected though the silver grid. Its natural warmth gives it a sense of livelihood that differentiates it from the coldness of static objects. Bella’s behavior comes from its neural network. Bella’s neural network perceives its environment and then develops learned behavioral responses. Bella’s neural network is genetically evolved by a program we created called Gene Genie.


  • Date : 06.11.2018